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We are a coffee farmer from Way Tenung, West Lampung. We have become a coffee farmer from the time of the Dutch East Indies and our coffee plantations now have reached over 100 acres and has six generations of our family managed from our family-owned coffee plantations this.

We are very proud to have been part of the coffee farmers in Indonesia ,because the coffee from Indonesia is so famous and entered as the best coffee in the world . Since long time ago, the world has been made amazed by the Indonesian civet coffee, because coffee mongoose has a taste very delicious and sensational.

Civet coffee is coffee that is derived from animal mongoose or more in the know anybody by the name of raccoons, which eat the coffee fruit so that the fermentation process occurs in the belly of the animal mongoose by releasing several substances and proteins contained in coffee beans to make coffee beans comes from the belly of the beast is so delicious and mongoose other than on coffee beans that exist in general.

Luwak coffee is only in Indonesia and civet coffee production capacity is still very low in comparison to other coffee. One of the civet coffee producers in Indonesia are Chenung Luwak Coffee. We have a mongoose own farm and worked with people who are professional.

To be closer to coffee lovers in Indonesia and other countries, we have made some blogs that can provide information about the civet coffee.

Please visit the plantation, animal husbandry mongoose and our stores. We are always ready to serve you wholeheartedly for your satisfaction is our hope and goal.