About ChenungKopiLuwak

About ChenungKopiLuwak

We are a coffee plantation farmer who has fallen down since the days of the Dutch East Indies until now we have been in the coffee plantations down as much as 6 generations. Each generation of our family-owned coffee plantation is always increasing.

Up to now we have over 100 acres of coffee plantations in West Lampung. This type of coffee is a mainstay we are kind of Robusta coffee, although in almost all coffee plantations we remain stuck tree different types of Arabica coffee, Robinson up to Cherry.
The origins of our business start Luwak coffee is at the request of our friends who came from Australia. They asked us to meet the needs of the market that he had in Australia as much as 300 kg per month lump Luwak coffee.

At the request of our friends here we are challenged to expand our business from a seller gardening Luwak coffee and Robusta coffee with the best quality, until now we have a mongoose or weasel animal dosing forest. For a while we only have 30 tail and civet coffee producing wet chunks of approximately 15 kg per day.

Che Nung Civet Coffee in this business offers and produce in the form:

  1. RAW COFFEE. In this form we do the drying in the sun to dry the moisture content of 10-12 percent in the pack in a few Size:
    • 1 KG ( 1 plastic bag )
  2. GREEN COFFEE BEANS. In this form we have done the cleaning process waste and separating dirt Luwak coffee beans from thin leather upholstery coffee. And we package it in the form:
    • 5 KG ( Plastic )
    • 1 KG ( Plastic )
  3. ROASTED BEANS. In this form we have been through various processes ranging from cleaning dregs of the blocks, washing up to fry using a machine or can be traditional (Special Order). And we offer in various sizes:
    • 1 KG ( Aluminum foil bag )
    • 0.5 KG ( Aluminum foil bag )
    • 0.25 KG ( Aluminum foil bag )
  4. GROUNDED COFFEE. In this form we also have to do some process to grind to powder and we offer in the form :
    • 0.25 KG ( Aluminum foil bag )
    • 10 Gram ( Aluminum foil bag )

Che Nung Coffee Robusta is a super robusta fruit or choice in our process using coffee cherries that have been red all and we produce it in the form:

  1. GREEN COFFEE BEANS, We’re packaged in the form:
    • 1 KG ( Aluminum foil bag )
  2. ROASTED BEANS, We offer in various sizes:
    • 1 KG ( Aluminum foil bag )
  3. GROUNDED COFFEE, We’re packaged in the form :
    • 1 KG ( Aluminum foil bag )
    • 0,5 KG ( Aluminum foil bag )
    • 0,25 KG ( Aluminum foil bag )